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The Weird and Wonderful

Jan 23, 2023

The Weird and Wonderful

"When the world gets too weird to comprehend, the designs of the moment reflect that. Let's all get weird and express our wonderfulness."  as stated by British interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead.

Oh, how I love that statement! The weird and wonderful is my favourite style of Interior Design, (actually just my favourite style of design full stop). So let's embrace it in all its glory. Let's face it, this year is not the year to paint your house a quarter boring tea and attempt to sell it. The housing market sux and the mortgage interest rates even more so.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is your year to go full nuts. Embrace your inner crazy and make your home the colourful dream you’ve always wanted it to be.

Maximalism is one of the big overarching design trends ear marked for this year and I am here for it! 2023 will push that maximalist boat out even further with even bolder and more design forward concepts than weve even seen before, giving massive personality to the space. “For both commercial and residential areas, clients are opting for customized patterns and colours rather than going for conformable products that suit just any space but compromise on standing out." Sanchit Arora of New Delhi studio Renes. (Hopefully, you’re reading this blog and have started clapping at this point).

While the interiors of 2022 still bore a discreet, neutral colour palette (insert your snore here), this year is looking to be colour-drenched. "We are leaving the haven of neutrals and stepping into a rainbow!" added interior designer Pallavi Dean of Roar.

Say goodbye to the boring beige, grey, and white walls and start experimenting with bold hues to add depth and personality to the space. While the prediction is that neutrals are likely to still remain a part of interiors they will undoubtedly be paired with pops of bold colour and fun prints.

If you're after paint colour suggestions that are both bold and super on trend for 2023, then keep to the rainbow colours. Check the following Resene colours out as my top picks: Poppy for a stunning red, Tangerine for a bold orange, Turbo for the ultimate pop of yellow, Left Field for a shot of grassy green, Sea World for confident blue, ZinZan for the Indigo, and Mozart to end the spectrum in violet.

And when it comes to wallpaper its all about dopamine; that means vibrant mood enhancing wallpapers that fill us with joy. Lucy Mather from Arighi Bianchi comments: 'Alongside maximalism, trend-focused consumers are turning to dopamine colours to brighten up their outlook. The idea of dopamine decorating has been a buzzword for the past 12 months, but this desire to add fun and energy into our interiors is very much here to stay.' 

And Miss Lolo couldn’t be happier.

All images sourced from Pinterest.