The 3 Big Questions Everyone Has When Buying Wallpaper

  1. How to measure your wall.
  2. How many wallpaper drops do you need to order?
  3. How to manage the joins in your wallpaper?

The First Step: Measuring Your Space.

Grab your tape measure, and start with the width. Go wall to wall and write the measurement down, ignoring doors and windows.

Then do the floor-to-ceiling measurement and write that down. These two measurements are what you will need to determine how many wallpaper drops you’ll need.

The Second Step: Calculating How Many Drops You’ll Need.

Miss Lolo wallpaper comes in two different types:

  1. Standard
  2. Peel + Stick

Miss Lolo wallpaper comes in two different widths:

  1. Standard: 1.05M wide.
  2. Peel + Stick: 0.60M wide

peel + stick measurement guide


Calculating the size:

First, work out the width.

  1. Standard = the width of the wall, divided by 1M (always allow a little extra for the overlap)
    1. If your room was 10.5M wide, 10.5/1 m = 10 drops. 
  2. Peel + Stick = the width of the wall, divided by 0.59 M (always allow at least 1 cm for the overlap)
    1. If your room was 6M wide, 6/0.59 = 10.17 drops, so purchase 11 drops as you don’t want to end up with a strip un-wallpapered!

Then, decide the height. Miss Lolo Wallpapers come in the following drop lengths:

  1. Standard: 2.5M, 2.8M, 3.0M, 3.2M
  2. Peel + Stick: 2.5M, 2.8M, 3.0M, 3.2M

If you chose Standard wallpaper, for a wall 10M wide that was 2.4M high, you’d buy 10 drops of 2.5M length. You need to have at least a 10 cm allowance in the drop length to account for perfect pattern match and any areas of the wall that aren’t perfectly plumb.

The Third Step: How to deal with joins in the wallpaper.

If you’re choosing the Peel + Stick option, this simple video will show you how:

If you are installing our standard wallpaper, this video is super helpful:

Otherwise, use a professional hanger.

Miss Lolo: Colourful, Creative, Committed.

At Miss Lolo, our story began with a roar against the mundane. Our founder, Tamzyn Adding, transformed her frustration with the beige epidemic into a colourful crusade. Today, our wallpapers are not just products; they are statements of boldness, creativity, and environmental consciousness.

What bold colours can do for your mental health can make a significant impact on your mood and mental health. Incorporating our stylish and colourful wallpaper can help promote positivity ⭐

Maybe you work from home and need that midday uplift, or your kids’ playroom needs a shot of colour, our beautiful range is sure to have a powerful impact on your wellbeing.

'Please help me more, Miss Lolo!'

Choosing the right-sized wallpaper is an exciting journey, and at Miss Lolo, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

From the initial measurements to the final touch of applying the wallpaper, our team is dedicated to helping you create spaces that are not just rooms but reflections of your personality.

Remember, our experts are just a click away, ready to assist you in selecting the perfect wallpaper for your home.

Let’s colour the world together, one wallpaper drop at a time! 🌈