Like a Drag Queen in a Nunnery

Miss Lolo smashes through the ubiquitous muted trends of modern interior furnishings in a blaze of bold, eclectic, unapologetic colour.

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The Creation Story

In 2013, celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding decided that she was fed up. The world of interiors was plagued by an epidemic of beige. Beige beige beige - everywhere she looked. Walls, rugs, chairs, cushions - all monotonous, baby-food-inspired bland. FED UP! "No more beige!" roared Tamzyn. And from that rage emerged an explosion of colour: Miss Lolo was born.

Coming from a family of established NZ artists, and with a design degree behind her, Tamzyn applied her instinctual chromatic knowledge to create aesthetically adventurous pieces that became the focal point of any room.

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Tamzyn and the team of designers at Miss Lolo are dedicated to delivering a bold, beautiful, bespoke design experience for your commercial project. She will work with you to create an adventurous aesthetic, perfectly balanced in colour and scale, with a wow factor that truly elevates your premises.

Miss Lolo's sumptuous fabrics are printed on a range of substrates, from diaphanous sheers to textured and heavy textiles. The wide range of fabulous wallpapers is exclusively Miss Lolo and can be altered to suit your vision. Or you may prefer a new custom print designed specifically to meet your brief.

All Miss Lolo commercial products are printed here in New Zealand for an extra fast turnaround, and they meet industry and insurance requirements. The process couldn't be simpler!

Miss Lolo is a totally unique and highly professional maximalist design company with a growing portfolio of very satisfied clients, both locally and internationally. Get in touch to find out how Tamzyn can take your commercial interior to the next level.

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Our At Home Consultations

Want to go BOLD but not sure how to mix prints?

Have a great idea but find it hard to visualise? We offer a bespoke consultancy service, no matter how big or small your project may be.

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