All about Miss Lolo ...

All about Miss Lolo ...

Our Idea

When choosing people with who to engage with, we seek for original, interesting, exciting and like-minded, we seek for someone that we can relate to, someone who brings out the best in us.

We in Miss Lolo believe that we should choose furniture and interior with the same thinking and approach. Seeing too much of a beige and boring around,

we asked ourselves and our clients the most important question-

What is your furniture representing? Why is it important? And the answer is– YOU.

And the answer is– YOU.

Interior reflects your personality, who you are and what you believe in.

It is an extension of you- not only functional, but well designed, crafted in high quality and the color represents your personality.

Spending most of our lives around furniture and in interiors we create- Miss Lolo is here to help you create interiors that inspire you, bring out the best in you and interiors that you can truly be yourself in.


We stand for

  • Power of Colour
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Long-lasting and contemporary designs


We offer

  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Interior Furnishings (Draperies, Fabrics, Wall-coverings, Homewares, Art etc.) 
  • Professional Interior Design Consultancy
  • Furniture Restoration Service


Crafted for you

Each piece of furniture is designed and handcrafted here in our Auckland workshop.

Using only the finest quality materials and combining them with our unique point of view on the latest interior design trends, we craft the Miss Lolo furniture for you.

With our slogan “Life isn’t just black & white” leading us we encourage you to choose color, authenticity and create an interior that inspires you. 


How it started 

Miss Lolo was established in 2013 by celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding who saw a niche in the furniture market to offer an alternative to the sea of beige that saturates interior furnishings.

Coming from a family of established NZ artists and with a design degree behind her she set out to achieve a brand of furniture that blurred the line between furniture and art; aiming to create furniture that became the focal point of the room.

Originally salvaging tired, retro pieces of furniture and giving them a new lease of life through vibrant colours and bold patterns; With an unsurpassed following on social media in New Zealand and national business awards thrown in this small designer became a design force to be reckoned with in the short space of 2 years, proving that she wasn't the only one who desired to bring colour into the home.




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