In 2013, celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding decided that she was fed up. The world of interiors was plagued by an epidemic of beige. Beige beige beige - everywhere she looked. Walls, rugs, chairs, cushions - all monotonous, baby-food-inspired bland. FED UP! "No more beige!" roared Tamzyn. And from that rage emerged an explosion of colour: Miss Lolo was born.

Coming from a family of established artists, and with a design degree behind her, Tamzyn applied her instinctual chromatic knowledge to create aesthetically adventurous pieces that became the focal point of any room.

She started out by elevating vintage furniture with beautiful fabrics, giving them a bold and vibrant new lease of life. She then progressed to designing and producing her own unique lines of fabrics and wall coverings.

Within a couple of years, Tamzyn had accrued national business awards, and a vast social media following, allowing her to inject the joy of colour into a plethora of homes and businesses around the country and now also the US, Canada, and Australia. Miss Lolo is decisively winning the battle against beige.