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Character over Cookie Cutter

Nov 20, 2023

Character over Cookie Cutter
2024 is literally just around the corner (I know, I know, it's actually crazy!), but thankfully these ‘international design guru’s’ are saying next year is going to see ‘Character over the cookie cutter’. WOO HOO
So, what does that actually mean?
The last few years have seen mass-market furnishings, project homes, and instagram dominate the interiors aesthetic with a wave of boring interiors, for lack of a better description. Safe colours, expected floor plans and homogenous finishes. 2024 is the year the interior designers revolt and scream “No more!”.
The aim is to create more individual spaces, homes that really express the owners personality, moving towards a more ‘comfortable lived-in look rather than smooth, clean, and sterile’. Hallelujah!
US based designer Jen Samson is recommending “whimsical and unexpected elements … from fun and quirky artwork to surprising design choices that add a depth of character and a touch of playfulness to the spaces.” (a woman of my own heart).
Dopamine Decor is going to be a biggie as well. This essentially means creating spaces that trigger happiness and delight. Think bold, vibrant colours, fun patterns, and playful elements leading the design charge. This trend is becoming super popular as on a very base level it’s tapping into our human desire for joy and positivity. And who doesn’t love that?

Colour wise you can thank Barbie for the reign of unapologetic pink that will continue to dominate the interior stage next year. Thankfully I’m here for it! From bright pinks through to a more subtle baby tone, pink in all its glory will be a feature.
If you love pink (like me) you simply have to try Resene Smitten, Resene Cupid, and Resene Pink Lace.
I’ve mentioned it before but ‘colour drenching’ is also here for a bit longer. It's the art of covering every surface (or almost every surface) in the same hue. The idea behind this is that it amplifies the visual impact of a space, making a bold statement. It can evoke feelings of drama, luxury, and even tranquility depending on the colour used. “By eliminating contrasting colours, colour drenching creates a harmonious and cohesive environment”.

Arguably the BIGGEST design trend to come out of 2024 is going to be individuality. Embracing the eclectic and authenticity of the home owners to create spaces that make people truly happy. So embrace your love of colour, decorate in a way that you love, and love the space you live in.
All images sourced from Pinterest.