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Barbiecore Decor

Feb 28, 2024

Barbiecore Decor
Barbiecore Decor? Yip, you heard that right. There is an entire Interior Design movement based around Barbie.
Barbiecore, as the name suggests is a design that's heavily rooted in the stylings of the classic Barbie Doll. The movement takes inspiration from her classic pink palette, love of fashion, and Barbie’s desire for an aspirational lifestyle.
Do not be fooled into thinking this is a design movement for children. Nope, this one has major resonance with us adults too due (in part) to its nostalgic qualities.
If you were lucky enough to own a Barbie Dream House, then you can see the vibe this movement has; fun, feminine, and of course loaded to the hilt with pink!
"People are starting to use color more and more in their designs," says designer Tamara Day( host of Magnolia Network's Bargain Mansions). "I think that's a big part of why Barbiecore is so popular—using fun and exciting colors gives a house a feel for the owners' personalities."
While very few of us could inhabit a full pink home, there are some very fun ways to incorporate Barbiecore into your home. How about some pink appliances as a pop in the kitchen or a hot pink sofa (happy to say, I have one of these). But if you are a little bolder, there's no reason why you can’t do a barbie pink wall, the key in using this colour effectively is a combo of the tone of pink you use and the spot you choose to put it in. A formal dining room wouldn’t be my first choice but go wild in a laundry, entrance, or even your front door.
Too much ‘barbie pink’ will definitely tip you over the edge into kitsch territory (which can look equally amazing if you like that style) but to keep it livable and on-trend I would suggest mixing it up with some more neutral tones, allowing the pink to shine.
According to colour psychology, pink inspires a compassionate air - the perfect colour to bring into your home. Paint your walls in soft pastel pinks. Take a look at Resene pastel pink colours Pale Rose or Vanilla ice. Or if you wanted to embrace the classic Barbie pink then opt for Resene colours At First Blush or Cupid.
The key to making this design movement work is by paring this energetic hue down by adding natural materials and neutrals; wood detailing can look particularly gorgeous as can a smattering of leafy green plants.
In the famous words of Barbie “You’re braver than you think”. So what are you waiting for …
(All images have been sourced from Pinterest)