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Rust and Relaxation

Nov 21, 2022

Rust and Relaxation

She’s my prediction to be the hottest accent colour this coming winter; call it what you like Rust, Russet, Burnt Orange … she’s going to be THE colour you want to add to your home this season.

Why is this shade going to be so huge you ask?

Well, it works perfectly with neutral shades (black, white, cream and wood tones, you name it, it compliments it) so it makes it a very easy colour to add into your décor.

It doesn’t over-power the space, but rather enhances it with a pop of warmth.

Our suggestion is to use it in a similar way to this example below with throws and cushions and layer it up to add beautiful warm tones and bring texture into the space.

Alternatively, you can go bolder and bring it in with wall colours.

We’re seeing a big trend around wall paneling and dado lines but you can achieve a very similar aesthetic with a two-toned paint effect (see below).

So why not use a rust coloured paint paired with a warm white and attempt this paint trend yourself. Our favourite Resene shades to use would be Tuscany and Whiskey Sour.

Check out what we have available currently in these beautiful rust tones here:

Featured above: Wall painted in Resene Tuscany. Top circle Whisky sour
MM Linen Birch throw, MM Linen Stitch Duvet cover - Clay


Stylists tip: Place some greenery next to your rust accents and watch the colours pop!