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Notes of delicious Olive Green

Nov 21, 2022

Notes of delicious Olive Green

Delicious Olive Green is the colour that interiors guru Trend Bible (now if you aren’t aware of these guys, they are the head honchos, the big wigs when it comes to forecasting what’s going to be massive) and they’re predicting Olive Green as one of the main colours to dominate the interior space this year.

So, what are the experts saying about how best to use this colour?

‘lt's perfectly suited to rooms that overlook nature. The colours from the great outdoors will further enhance the green tones of the walls and create a relaxing outdoor feel in your home.

’‘While paler shades of olive green have a grey undertone, which makes it the perfect shade to work back with soft greys.
A combo that radiates soothing and calm. Styling wise we suggest to pair it back with warm shades of white for the trims and ceiling (look at something like Resene Half Rice Cake).

All shades of Olive look beautiful with natural wood tones, gold fittings and handles and all shades of neutrals for accessories. Making it a super easy colour to work with, and one that exudes a space of peacefulness and calm. And who doesn’t want that!? 

If you’re not quite brave enough to paint out your entire space, you will find this hue popping up in all manner of home décor accessories. So, before you commit to a 10L tin try some more non-committal options of cushions, throws or even towels to add a pop of this on-trend shade into your home.

Our favourite Resene shades of Olive Green have to be Avocado, Mediterranean Olive, Sage Green and the aptly named Olive Green

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Stylists tip: Be respectful of the delicate nature of this colour. Don’t try to overpower it with bold or bright shades, rather choose a palette that compliments it.