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Knocking on heavens door

Nov 21, 2022

Knocking on heavens door

Can’t quite take the plunge to go bold on a whole wall?

Then how about just a door? I absolutely LOVE this trend! It’s such a simple way to add a beautiful pop of colour into your internal space that’s easy to do and super cost effective.

“But what colour do I use?” I hear you ask. Well, my theory is, if you’re going to do it you may as well go bold. The aim of this trend is to add a pop of bold colour, so be exactly that, ‘bold’ in your choice. So, opt for clean, crisp colours and avoid anything too “muddy”, as it’ll confuse your space.

If you haven’t yet checkout out the Resene Kidz Colour Range, it’s a great place to start (plus, they all have super cute names).

These are my colour picks for the following colours:

Yellow – Buzz
Green – Wham
Orange – Orang-utan
Pink – Smitten

So why not give it a go … at the end of the day you’re only painting a door so hardly a big commitment plus the beauty of paint is if you change your mind in a year or two you can simply paint it out. Win, win.

Featured above: Above: Pinterest sourced images.


Stylists tip: The key to making full impact of this trend is to do it in spaces where you have very plain walls, ideally white. If you have walls covered in wallpaper or a lot of bright, eye-catching artwork, brightly coloured doors are only going to make the space even more busy.