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Dark Academia

Sep 14, 2022

Dark Academia

o, maximalism is totally my thing. The ‘More of Everything’ approach; more of your favourite colours, more of your favourite patterns, more of your favourite accessories.

But, within the broad spectrum of Maximalism comes many sub-categories; including one that was formerly named Dark Maximalism, which has now been renamed to the trendier and more obscure name of Dark Academia. “This popular trend is rooted in showcasing dark-toned walls and a myriad of diverse quirky treasures, think Hogwarts but with a lot more style.” Homes & Gardens, UK.

This ‘Dark Academia’ is becoming one of the season’s biggest interior design trends; “from earthy palettes and restored antiques to the desire for natural-toned furnishings.” Homes & Gardens, UK.

There are many ways you can incorporate this new trend into your home without risking it dating. This trend lends itself beautifully to timeless design and classic features which never go out of fashion.

So, if you are drawn to this aesthetic, just how do you incorporate it into your home?

Start by venturing to the dark side with paint colours. Think charcoal and deep blue tones but keep your accessories bright, so there’s big contrast and juxtaposition between the two.

Source antique pieces of furniture to add contrast to your more contemporary items; think gold gilded artwork and classic leather couches.

Add earthy neutral tones into the space, make sure to include blues and greens, which are already trending this year. “'Earthy, muted tones will help to create a calm space, and we'd recommend avoiding dull greys and swap them out for earthy greens or dusty blues,' Homes & Gardens, UK.

This trend is ideal if you love the idea of maximalism but weren’t a fan of those bold colours that dominate the essence of maximalism.

My absolute favourite dark shades to paint interior walls have to be Resene colours Dark Side, Nocturnal, Baltic Sea and Atlas. 

All images sourced from Pinterest

Stylists tip: Keep the ceiling and scotia a crisp white to avoid closing the room in.