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Pink + Green - the best colour combo ever!

Nov 21, 2022

Pink + Green - the best colour combo ever!

It’s no surprise to learn pink is one of my all-time favourite colours, it does however, tend to be a colour reserved for bedrooms. But by pairing with green you can literally use the colour combo in any area of your home.

According to the psychology of the colour pink, it's associated with feelings of maternal love, nurture and compassion, whereas green evokes feelings of harmony, peace and reassurance. You can see why they make the perfect combo!

One of the biggest trends in kitchen designs this year is definitely shades of green. The obvious choice is to leave those surrounding walls white, which can make the entire space look quite sterile. But by painting those walls a delicate shade of pink you will warm the entire space up without it becoming overbearing.

If you’re like the rest of us and LOVE a good green velvet sofa but are struggling with a wall colour to compliment, once again, take a look at shades of neutral pink. You’ll be surprised (or not after reading this blog) that they look amazing together.

So what are my favourite shades of pink and green for a wall colour you ask?

In terms of pink it has to be Resene Blanched Pink and Paper Doll and for greens that best compliment those pink shades I’d opt for Resene Permanent Green or Crusoe.

All images sourced from Pinterest


Stylists tip: If you’re not bold enough to paint walls either of these shades then try mixing and matching pink and green cushions or throw a pink toned rug in front a green velvet couch. The key is just to play around with these colours and have some fun!