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2022 Interior Trend Forecast

Sep 14, 2022

2022 Interior Trend Forecast

So, what exactly are the trends the so-called Interior Guru’s are saying to take notice of in 2022?

Firstly, think multi-functional and airy spaces; “There’s been so much focus on health and well-being that our homes will continue to reflect that in the use of natural materials, plants, and, generally [designing] light and airy spaces. And, because we’ve been home more than ever before, multifunctional spaces are key to handling the myriad of activities we do at home these days.” —Designer Maryline Damour, principal at Damour Drake LLC in Kingston, New York

In terms of colour palettes, inspiration from the landscape is going to be at the fore. Think soothing greens, blues, and earthy tones. “Research shows that natural color schemes and organic forms like those found in nature reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase productivity and creativity, and make us happier,” says Michelle Lamb, editorial director at The Trend Curve. Other hues to take note of are olive and moss, paired back with wood tones, rattan and bamboo.

Take a look at these colours from Resene; Green Mist, Frontier, Breathless, and Whirlwind. They’re gorgeous!

And, while it may not be everyone's cup of tea; terracotta is here to stay for a little while longer. But if a terracotta wall is too much for you, embrace it in terracotta pots as indoor plants are going to remain a huge trend next year!

But, if you are brave and love this colour then you can’t go past Resene colour Florentine Pink.

And perhaps my favourite trend for 2022 has to be the rise of recycled and vintage furniture pieces; appealing to the move towards sustainability and away from “fast interiors”. Recycled pieces have a beautiful story to tell and give real character to the space. Mix and match vintage pieces from various eras and create a truly eclectic space that showcases your personality.

All images sourced from Pinterest

Stylists tip: Use “trends” as some inspo only, following any trend in depth is a sure fire way to lose a sense of yourself within the space. Pick aspects of the trend you love and run with those, ignoring the elements of the trend that make you go ‘Huh!?”. It’s your home, you have to truly love it.