White …. Not a colour most naturally associate with Miss Lolo but the perfect shade of white can create the perfect backdrop to display pops of colour.

White doesn’t need to be boring or clinical, in fact, why not use white in such a way that makes it the perfect accompaniment to vibrant artworks and accessories?

There are some amazing examples of this at play on Instagram and Pinterest.

The key to using it to its full advantage is to paint the walls, trim and ceiling all the same shade. Then carefully select accent items (this is where you don’t want to be shy in your choices!).

Paint a door a bright colour, feature a bold coloured headboard, fun side-tables, a bright rug, vibrant artworks … you really can go wild here and create a super-fun space, that’s easy to change out and update as you wish. (The only thing to look out for here is that the ‘accent pops of colour’ all work together.)

So, what’s my favourite shade of white you ask? Well, I’ve recently renovated our beach house in Resene Quarter Black White and it looks amazing! My colour choices for the accent colours were more pastel in tone rather than bold but that’s the beauty of white walls any colours work.


Stylists tip: All whites vary between cool and warm shades. The warmer you go the creamier the shade, the cooler you go the more your space will resemble a hospital! So, opt for somewhere in the middle ☺


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