Pretty in Pink

The effect of colour on one’s psyche has always been something that has fascinated me. And with my favourite colour being pink, I thought to myself “Let’s investigate exactly what impact this colour has.”

The color Pink influences emotions that are closer to the heart. When used appropriately, pink and all its shades create an atmosphere of love and compassion. And those (like myself) who heralds pink as their favourite colour are said to display the following personality traits:
- Optimistic and easily excited (definitely me!)
- Friendly with all people and like to talk to almost everyone (Yes, also me)
- You are a very caring person, who cares a lot about others (well I do try …)

In color psychology, pink is considered hopeful. It is a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings, and it gives a sense that everything will be okay. As the eternal optimist, it makes sense I would also love the colour pink, its an innately positive colour that just by being in it’s presence makes me feel even more positive and even more happy.

“Generally, in western cultures pink is seen as calming, feminine and non-threatening. So, in the home pink can actually calm emotional energies. In fact, studies have confirmed that exposure to a lot of pink has a calming effect on the nerves.” (At Home with Ashley Blog).

Pink encourages approachability and warmth and is seen as a welcoming colour. So, it makes a great colour to welcome friends, family, and guests (making it a great colour for your entranceways). It’s also a great colour to use in kid’s bedrooms or children’s lounges as it has a beautiful nurturing quality.

In case you needed yet more reasons to get some pink into your home, it’s additional qualities include love, harmony, and kindness and inspires unconditional love.

Whats not to love about pink!?

All images sourced from Pinterest

My absolute favourite shades for the home have to be Resene Paper Doll, Blanched Pink, and (for those feeling uber bold) Resene Colour Me Pink.