So lets talk about beige for a minute.  Yes that pale, fawny, sandy colour that you'd usually expect Miss Lolo to steer clear of right?  Well its back, its on trend and it no longer needs to be boring! We've found the VERY BEST beige paint colour out there, and when paired with a little bit of bold it looks BLOOMIN' beautiful! Scroll down to see how you can achieve this on trend look in your home...

 STYLIST TIP:  Achieving a 2020 colour trend (navy, hunter green, beige) is easy - simply look to nature as your design compass, and bring the outside in.

For our first look, we're going beautify the beige (Miss Lolo style of course), to create a bright and playful living space.  Taking our colour cues from nature (we're not talking leafy greens or sandy hues here, instead think sunset prange, azure blue waters, tulips and fresh lime).


Our mural of the week 'Bloom Boom' is a key feature element in our room.  To ensure the magnificent colours pop, we've paired it with the most beautiful beige paint - 'Resene Albescent White'.  We'll paint the 3 remaining walls, ceiling, window trims and achitraves all in the same beautiful beige hue. 

 TIP: use a semi gloss finish on the trims and arcs for a subtle contrast.  The uniform use of paint colour will make the room feel bigger and won't distract the eye from the feature mural. 

Featured above:  MISS LOLO Mural of the week BLOOM BOOM, Resene Albescent White 

Spend on a striking Miss Lolo Clementine Couch (*Emerald is our pick, but any of our fabric colours will work here) and style it in front of that AMAZING 'Bloom Boom' feautre wall. Splurge on a selection of Sage and Clare cushions from STFD, and Save with the Kirra Buffet from Mocka.. 


For our second look, we've chosen nature's midnight sky as our inspiration.  (Navy also being one of the 2020 colours of the year).  We've used Aspiring Walls Imaginairum Lemur as the feature detail.  To create an intimate and cosy vibe we'll paint the remaining walls, trims and arcs in Resene 'Coast' (as above use a semi gloss finish on the trims for a subtle contrast). 


Patterns LOVE to be with other patterns, so don't be afraid to mix and match florals with stripes, geometrics with spots and ikat with animal. 

Featured above: , Paper of the week - Imaginarium Lemur in Navy, Resene 'Coast'


Rattan Table Lamp, KMART. Button pop modern armchair, MISS LOLO


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