Pretty in pink

Love pink (like me) but don’t quite know how to bring it into your home without creating a pink palace? Dusty and baby pink walls are a massive interior trend this season, but the key in getting it right is all about the shade you choose. Opt for muted, very light, or slightly dusty shades of pink. My personal preference is to pair with a clean white ceiling and trims so that it keeps it looking super fresh.

It’s a surprisingly simple colour to style with as well … especially if you generally lean towards more neutral tones. And it provides a beautiful backdrop to display art. The light shades of pink look beautiful when paired with light-to-mid tone wood hues and neutral cushions (plus throw in some indoor plants give it some freshness).

If you prefer dustier/dirtier shades of pink you can go quite a bit bolder with your accessories. Dark woods, shades of black and forest greens all look stunning together and create a contemporary and design focused space.

The current trend is to go bold and paint all four walls and why not I say! Pink is my all-time favourite colour and these Resene paint colours are stunning: Half Pale Rose, Vanilla Ice, Ebb and Paper Doll

Featured above: Above: Pinterest sourced images.


Stylists tip: buy a couple of test pots first to try the shades in your space as they will look darker than the swatch will lead you believe …


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