2023 Interior Design Trends

It’s almost the end of 2022 (thank goodness! That’s a year I don’t plan on repeating). So, it’s time to take a look a what the experts are predicting to be the hottest Interior Design trends of next year.

Finally we’re seeing a big move to how your interior space makes you think and feel, with a huge movement around ‘holistic design’ taking the fore. “People are going to think more about how the interior design of a house makes them feel and, from there, dive into how design can make them happier, healthier, and more productive in their space,” says interior designer Leslie Banker of Leslie Banker & Co. With a large emphasis around the psychology of colour and the importance of appropriate lighting. "The desire to dig deeper into the relationship between a home and the health and happiness of its inhabitants will dominate all design decisions in 2023”, says Banker.

In terms of colour, the hottest interior picks are said to be rich, saturated tones. Got to love that! (Thank goodness there is no mention of neutrals or heaven forbid the infamous Quarter Tea).

 Deep reds, browns, and greens will also take the spotlight in 2023.The four hottest colours for 2023 are noted as being:
Midnight green - Green is very quickly becoming the neutral replacement, as homeowners swap the harshness of a clean, crisp white out for more earthy, relaxing tones.
Take a look at Resene Bush.

Raspberry Blush - super vibrant shades of red-orange is where it is at! Better Homes & Garden UK says “For a maximalist approach, splash Raspberry Blush on walls, trim, and the ceiling to wrap a room in warmth. Or go for a smaller statement on a kitchen island. Soft shades of white and beige balance the bright, rosy hue.” This bold shade energizes the space for oodles of personality.
Take a look at Resene Rapture.

Brown mashed with Burgundy - sounds weird, right? But these soft, earthy tones are taking the lead as one of the most popular paint choices. It works as both a grounding colour, as well as a delicate accent.
Take a look at Resene Mulberry.

Blush meets Beige - Think subtle pink undertones to add warmth to your walls. Its a beautifully grounding shade and so very on trend.
Take a look at Resene Soothe.

Images sourced from Pinterest and Resene

I have to admit, I actually love the predictions this years ‘experts’ have selected at the most on-trend interior colours of 2023. They’re a combo of confident and also relaxing, thats generally a difficult line to walk, but these colours nail it!