Beige is Back! SAY WHAAAT???


Every year a large group of respected designers, architects and global paint companies gather to identify the hottest interior design colour trends for the upcoming year, and you may be surprised by their crystal ball predictions. For the last few years, various shades of grey have been slathered on walls all over NZ and across the globe. However, according to the aforementioned group, beige is ready for her comeback. SAY WHAAAAT! Other trends to expect in 2020 include deep, bold tones such as navy and hunter green, more natural wood in furniture, décor and cabinetry, and a movement toward more neutral colours in general, such as French Vanilla, Mint, Sage, Hazelnut and Warm Grey.

BEAT THE BEIGE: How to nail the neutral trend…

According to those making these predictions, these colours aren’t just about how they look in a space, but more about how they make you feel. So, rolling with that analogy, I’m going to show you how you can embrace the neutral trend using a few of my favourite Resene paints, and style them with a Miss Lolo, colour loving twist. I love using shades of green on the walls of a bedroom. There’s a reason hospitals use it, as its restful and calming, however my choices are not as insipid as the dingey old hospital waiting room, instead, these colours will make you feel cosy, turning your bedroom into the retreat I think we’re all craving.

Let’s begin with the walls… for those of you wanting something a little more subtle I suggest two coats of Resene Juniper (mint) or Balderdash (smokey sage). For those of you who prefer the dark side I'd suggest Resene Fast Forward (deep Blue/Green) or Resene Resolution Blue (bold cobalt). Either way, they’re some of my all-time faves and they'll look AMAZING in your space.

SYLIST'S TIP: I highly recommend painting all trims, doors and walls the same colour (and if you’re brave enough, do the ceiling as well and let these beautiful restful tones completely envelop you). I promise you will LOVE it and you’ll wonder why you’ve painted your ceilings white all this time.

Resene Balderdash, Juniper and Sea Fog


Given green is a mix of blue and yellow, I suggest using these tones as your accent colours (they can fall anywhere on the colour spectrum from the deepest of navy to the palest of blue, from a bright, canary yellow to a moody, muddy mustard) - they will always work well when paired with Resene Juniper, Balderdash, Fast Forward or Resolution Blue. Alternatively, for a more feminine vibe, choose pink or lilac accents as they simultaneously contrast and compliment green on the colour spectrum. And for the edgier colour enthusiast out there, why not make a bold statement by using splashes of orange.


Featured above: Wall painted in Resene Juniper, Wall behind sofa painted in Resene Balderdash, Wall and desk painted in Resene Fast Forward, chair painted in Resene Jailbreak.

I personally love a good navy blue (and hey, it’s also bang on trend), so my top Miss Lolo edits would be... the Cleveland Design Headboard in Essence - finished in Atlantic fabric. This lush, quilted navy velvet will give your room a stunning focal point, as well as creating a real feeling of warmth and luxury. Pair this feature headboard with the satin soft MM Linen French Bee Sheet set in Duck Egg and the Kip & Co Blondie reversible Quilt Cover for a cheeky pop of colour. For those after something more feminine I'd suggest the MM Linen Aviana Bedcover Set. For the pattern lovers out there why not try the Kip & co Foliage Quilt cover and mix and match the pillowcases. Throw in the MM Linen Dolci Cushion in Raffia for an extra bit of luxe.

Complete the look with on trend timber bedsides such as the ones below from 'Me And My Trend', a set of Marmo Marble Table lights form 'Kmart' and some beautiful potted indoor greenery (I get all mine from Give Plants) for that final style flourish.

And Voila! You've total nailed the neutral.


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