Under the Sea

It’s touted as being one of the hottest Interior colour trends for 2021; turquoise.

From Deep Ocean shades through to bold hues this colour will be making a big comeback and statement this year.

But how do you best integrate it into your home? It’s a colour that isn’t shy, so don’t be shy in its application. If you’re going to use it, go big and bold!

It looks stunning when paired with a clean white (such as Resene Alabaster, my favourite). It’s one of those colours that really does lend itself to character style homes. I personally like to keep the ceiling and trims white to really let the colour be the hero of the room.

In terms of an accent colour, shades of pink create a stunning pop, particularly the ‘princess’ tones. Such as these examples where you can see just how beautiful they look together. My suggestions of the perfect shade of pink to pair with turquoise would have to be Ballerina, Cupid, Pink Lace or Princess.

However, if you opt for a deep turquoise it lends itself to all the jewel tones to create a moody rich feel. Like this example below where they’ve paired it with mustard and purple tones. Gorgeous!

This colour, depending on the shade you choose has so much scope and versatility. So, what are my picks of the best turquoise shades? Here they go, in no particular order: Resene Java, Resene Home Run and Resene Sea Crest.

All images sourced from Pinterest


Stylists tip: This colour holds a lot of punch so make sure you break it up with some fun contrasting accents, rather than trying to match. Have fun with cushions, rigs and art to create a gorgeously bold and contemporary space.


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