Choosing to paint a room peach is a bold move!
Particularly with its roots firmly associated with awful bathroom sinks of the eighties and horrendous bridesmaid dresses; however, this wee underdog of a colour is making it’s comeback!

Peach in all shades of colour makes us feel happy and calm “Pastel colours like peach tend to have an uplifting effect on your mood. The brighter and lighter a colour, the more happy and optimistic it will make you feel. Peach is also thought to be a confidence-boosting colour, with many saying its calming and uplifting effects are good for someone who is about to do public speaking!' (literally, my nightmare!)

A gorgeous shade of soft peach works beautifully with neutral tones and light coloured wood. On the flip side a bolder shade of peach looks stunning against all shades of brown and beige, throw a little mint green in the mix to create an awesomely retro feel.

There’s no denying that peach coloured walls will add an element of warmth to the room and who doesn’t want a room that feels soft, cosy, and comforting. Much like a big ole hug!“

Peach can often be viewed as dated and a little ‘granny’, however, granny-chic is going to make a huge comeback due its nostalgic elements.”

If you’re wanting to paint your room a neutral, but are wanting to step away from all shades of tea and want to be a little more confident than white then take a look at the Peach options Resene has on offer.

If you lean towards those softer shades then take a look at Resene Despacito or Pot Pourri and if you’re really wanting to take the peach levels up a shade (which I love by the way!) then don’t go past Resene colours Just Dance or Sunbaked.

All images sourced from Pinterest

Miss Lolo word of advice: The whole concept of “timeless design” really doesn’t exist. All design has it’s day in the sun and then a moment where it goes out of date. So, all you can really do is to go with what you love and if that means embracing a little retro or granny-chic design right now, then go for it! Remember, its paint at the end of the day and nothing a paint brush can’t fix when you feel like a change.