Miss Lolo At Home

To our Auckland clients, we now offer a 'Miss Lolo At Home' service.

We know taking the step to go bold can be a little daunting and sometimes we just need a little extra support in making that leap from beige to fabulous!

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One-hour Consult

We now offer a one-hour consult in your home with Miss Lolo where she will bring all the wallpaper, vinyl, and fabric samples out to you. Together you can decide on which walls to turn into bold features and/or where and how to incorporate the fabrics (whether it be drapery or upholstery). 

Miss Lolo will measure the walls for you to make sure you order the right number of wallpaper rolls, taking all the guesswork away from you.

This service is a one-off charge of $149.00 and Miss Lolo will be in touch with you directly to arrange a day/time to meet.

Consults are available Monday to Friday between 9 am - 2 pm and two Saturdays per month.

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