There a saying I’ve always liked …. “You want your brand to be like marmite. Love it or hate it you know exactly who it is.”


I fear this not only sums up Miss Lolo in a nutshell but me also as a person.

I’ve never been one to care about being super popular. Not as a child, not as a teenager and definitely not as an adult. A classic example of this came to the fore in my final year of high school, 7th Form (do not ask me to convert that what school year that would be now!). The rule was simple, wear mufti. But under this came the restriction that it must be “appropriate clothing to wear in an office”. I remember very clearly reading this as a 17 year-old and going “What you’d wear in an office!? I’m never going to work in an office!”.  In light of this moment of clarity I decided to buck the trend and wear negligees. Yes, you read that correctly negligees … negligee’s layered upon more negligees … paired with stilettos (or Doc boots which ever took my fancy on the day). Completely and utterly inappropriate for the well-endowed teenager I was to be wearing to high-school but wore I did none-the-less for the entire year. Repeatedly I was dragged into the Principles office where I needed to explain my choice of attire. My reply was simple, “I’m NEVER going to work in an office.”


While I may have seemed like a disobedient, rebellious teen at the time I was in-fact completely resolute and to this day have never, ever worked a day in an office. I completely went against the grain and I didn’t care.


This stubbornness in my opinions has stayed with me my entire life. I’m not much phased if people like or dislike me (it’s never been my goal to be the most popular kid at school), I’m strong in opinion and don’t mind voicing them and resolute in my decision making. I helm Miss Lolo the same way. It may seem odd running a company that’s entirely trend based to learn that I don’t follow any interior blogs, don’t purchase interior design mags (my husband does if I’m in them, but that’s it) and don’t base any design decisions on International trends. My plan is simple. I pick stuff I like. Thank fully it appears loads of others like the same stuff I do!

 When we first started out I was challenged left, right and centre with comments such as “People only buy neutrals” “New Zealanders are scared of colour” “You can’t compete with the big guys”. Well you know what? It turns out I can! New Zealanders were excited to see an alternative to the sea of beige that had featured so heavily in these magazines for years and lapped the change up.


I proved a lot of people of wrong by staying strong in my decision to bring colour and fun back into Interior Design. What I’m trying to say here is don’t change who you are or what you believe to fit in, in the words of my daughter’s favourite author Roald Dahl “You can be the juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”


Miss Lolo xx

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